Retirement plans

What is the market's reality? It can go up. It can go down. Unpredictably. Seemingly randomly.

Given this reality, what can you do? You have choices.

You can choose not to invest in the market.

You can invest, tethering your portfolio — and your emotions — to the market.

You can invest, using strategies that mitigate against the volatility of the market.

MJB Asset Management designs investment portfolios that hedge against market swings and reduce market volatility. Welcome to MJB Asset Management: independent discretionary SEC-registered investment advisors.

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Investment CPR, MJB Asset Management's event series, aims to breathe life into investors' portfolios by featuring interviews with top mutual fund managers and other investment professionals to discuss the current investment market, where to find opportunities, and how to protect portfolios from unseen risk. If you would like to be added to the invitation list, please send an email to

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