retirement plans
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What do you charge?

A percentage fee. Instead of promoting products and receiving commissions, we focus on what is best for you and your investment needs.

What are the benefits of your investment strategies?

By utilizing hedging strategies, MJB Asset Management mitigates against the volatility of the market.

Our measured approach creates more measured results and helps people respond in a more measured way. When the market is at its highest highs or lowest lows, people often make suboptimal decisions: selling at the worst time, feeling the market will never recover, or buying at the peak of a bull market, assuming limitless growth. At MJB Asset Management, we understand the reality of the market and respond with clear thinking instead of fear or "hope-and-pray" strategies. We strive to give our clients greater peace of mind.

How are you different from other financial advising firms?

The financial tools are much the same: stocks, bonds and/or open end no load mutual funds. The MJB promise is to use the tools in a different way. We remove some of the uncertainty, providing calmness, connection, flexibility, perspective, and accountability.

How do I know that my account statements are accurate and true?

All accounts are held in the client’s name at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., an independent and publicly traded custodian. You will receive independent statements from Charles Schwab in addition to those you receive from MJB Asset Management.